Friday, November 25, 2016

The Singing Epps Are Signed Up For Creekside 2017!

The Singing Epps are signed up for Creekside 2017!

Over 50 years ago Rachel Epps along with her two sisters, Lois and Ruby birthed what is known today as The Singing Epps Family. A few years after their beginning however Rachel’s sisters married and moved with their husbands to far off locations, leaving Rachel with just her children to continue what they had started. So with Dianne, Haynie, Mary, Susan, and Mike she started with chapter 2 of the family ministry. The family, then strongly influenced by such groups as The Hinson’s, and The Rambo’s, and The Happy Goodman Family soon became a local favorite. Their “downhome”, genuine, lay everything aside style of worship and music was not only witnessed, but expected by their audiences.

However, through the years, each sibling but Haynie would leave the group, leaving Haynie with the same scenario as his mother before him. So Haynie, along with his daughters Wanda, (which was already in the line-up), Angela, and Christy embarked on chapter 3 of the journey.

Sadly, in March of 2008 a well-known, and well-loved William Haynie Epps passed on leaving the legacy to Wanda, Angela, and Christy who were joined by Wanda’s husband Terry, and Christy’s husband Dwayne. Also joining the group were long-time friend Steve Lang, Wanda and Terry’s son Willie, and Terry’s cousin Melissa for what was chapter 4.

Traveling today as The Singing Epps Family are Terry, Wanda, Angela, Willie, Steve, and long-time friend Ed Sullivan. They are still carrying the same mantle that was left by the former members of the group. Audiences, although now internationally, are still witnessing the same electrifying style of worship, and music that had started so many years ago. However, the family will be quick to tell you that it is not for show. “That when the anointing gets on you, you can’t help but be excited!!”

By God’s amazing grace, He has allowed The Singing Epps Family to travel and be a part of events that they had never thought possible. One such honor was winning third place at the 1989 National Quartet Convention Talent Search. Another has been to share the stage with many of the top artists in the industry. And another is to have been on the Shipp Family Gospel Fest line-up on Carnival Cruise Lines for four years.

But they again will be quick to tell you that the greatest honor of all has been for the Lord to have allowed them to bring forth His gospel. Their desire is truly the ministry. To see the lost come to the realization that there is no other way to true peace, nor to salvation but through the blood of Jesus Christ. And to the church that Jesus is alive!! And that we as the church should be excited to serve Him with all our heart!!!

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