Saturday, November 4, 2017

2017 Creekside Gospel Music Convention: "God Was There"

The 2017 Creekside Gospel Music Convention, Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, was a great time of fellowship, music, and ministry. The seats were full and hearts were touched by the preaching of Eric Bennett, David Ring, Dr. Jerry Goff, Matthew Browder and more. The music of more than 40 artists filled the halls of the Smoky Mountain Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, day and night. The altars were filled with people looking for a special touch from God. From the chapel services to the showcases to the evening concerts to the midnight prayer sessions, it was obvious this was no ordinary musical event.

Folks from all over have been filling Facebook with their comments on Creekside. Robert Reece writes the following:

Linda and I went up to Pigeon Forge Tenn. for a two-night trip and to attend the Creekside Gospel Convention. And WOW, GOD was there the entire week. 

The singing was made up with some of the big name groups such Triumphant Quartet, Soul'd Out, The Browders, Jerry and Jan Goff, the Nelons and others. But, it was also filled with some amazing soloists and groups who maybe are not so well-known, but whose talent is just as good as any thing you'll hear at the NQC. 

These lesser known folks brought their own songs written out of their own life stories and were just filled with the Spirit. 

I'm not taking away from the NQC, but Creekside's quality of singing is just as good, maybe even better. 

And the preaching/teaching by Dr. Jerry Goff, Eric Bennett, Matt Browder and David Ring was just amazing. GOD is good, Y'all.

The unwritten theme of the week, for me anyway, was "ARE YOU DOING ALL THAT GOD HAS INSTRUCTED YOU TO DO." This seemed to jump out in most of the songs and definitely in the sermons that we heard. And my answer is no, what is yours? 

As David Ring says, "Why what is your excuse?"

Good job, Vonda Easley and Rob Patz.

Robert Reece
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