Monday, May 1, 2017

The Drummond Family At Creekside 2017

The Drummond Family is thankful to be working for the Lord. We’ve been traveling the southeast sharing God’s love in word and song since April 1996, 20 amazing years. Many things have changed in those years but not the call of God, which is without repentance. Our vision is deep and stronger than ever before. We believe that God placed a calling upon our lives to carry the Gospel. Our goal is to reach as many as possible in the final days, to see the lost saved, hearts mended, broken homes restored, the sick healed, and to fulfill His calling on our lives-to share his message in song and word. No other music can touch and move the heart like the power of a gospel song.

We are a close-knit family based ministry. Pat Drummond is our manager, and is an Ordained Minister.  He also sings, plays drums, and takes care of everything we need including keeping the bus running & getting us where we need to be, and generally does anything that needs to be done. After being involved in music since the age of 12, he have seen many things over the years, but one thing that has not changed is God’s great power and the love for his children is still the same. Pat has a vision to see the lost soul saved and broken hearts healed. Pat’s wife, Michelle “Chelle” Drummond, plays spilt keys carrying the bass part, writer, graphic designer, web master and road manager (to say the least). Chelle is a great prayer warrior and much of the success of the group can be directly attributed to her efforts both physically and spiritually. Chelle’s anointed songwriting continues to touch lives everywhere we go. One of the latest penned by her and Pat gives great hope with the song, Hope in the Valley. Their daughter, Meagan Pledger, is a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and a graphic designer, designing most of the graphics for the ministry. Meagan’s songwriting continues to bless hearts and touch lives. Her vocals as a 27-year-old singer are touching youth each week as we travel.  Our son, Bo Drummond, is a vocalist, lead & steel guitarist for the group.  Bo has recently come back on board traveling with the family.  He works in the studio as a producer, engineer, and musician for Studio D Productions. His love for music began at a very young age, and has travelled for many years carrying the gospel in song. Bo is also a songwriter and has just co-written the groups latest radio song with Cody Boyett titled “I Stand.”  Ron French is the newest member of the group.  Ron is a vocalist, songwriter, and musician. Ron has played many years on the road playing guitar and drums, and for the past few years, he’s enjoyed a great solo ministry as well. Ron’s heartfelt anointing will touch you as he plays and sings.  We are pleased to welcome Ron to the DFM.  Chastity Drummond handles product for the family, and is a great prayer warrior.  You will also see our grandchildren, Lilly, Travis, and Luke doing many things as they work with the family.

Tickets are free but must be reserved.

“Most fans want to stay at the Ramada Inn, which is part of the Smoky Mountain Convention Center, the headquaters of Creekside 2017,” says Patz. “We have an exceptional deal for attendees who book early. For those arriving on Monday the 30th and leaving Friday morning, the 3rd, the cost can be as low as $200 per person, based on double occupancy.  That is an incredible at any time, but especially during a music event in Pigeon Forge. Plus you don’t have to worry about parking and one of everyone’s favorite donut shops is just down the road!”
Call And Reserve Your Hotel Room 360 933 0741
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