Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2013 Schedule

We are excited about the Creekside Gospel Music Convention! It is hard to believe that we are less than one week away!  Listed below is an overview of the event. As you will see we have a lot of activities going on. Please keep in mind that we are working with many artists and their schedules, therefore please patient with us as we most likely will make a few tweaks between now and then in order to accommodate every one and their needs as situations can sometimes change.  Remember all events are free to the public, but reserved seating is encouraged. If you have any questions, email or The schedule is as follows: 

Creekside Monday Schedule

9:00 am Artist Set Up

4:00 pm Doors Open
5:00 Concert 
  • Please join us for a special late afternoon/early evening concert of Gospel Music featuring the following artists:
Wanda Osborne
Barry and Gail Brown
Ava Kaisich 
Mercy Bridge 
The Cargills
Weston and Christy Hinson
Christy Sutherland
Appointed Qt.
Tim Livingston
The Griffins
Lindsey Huggins
The Williamsons
Paul’s Journey 
8:30 pm- "Lou Hildreth Honors Ed O'Neal"
  • Please join us as we honor legendary Ed O'Neal for his many years of service in the gospel music industry.  Lou Wills Hildreth will present this program along with co-host, homecoming artist, Larry Ford.  Several artists are scheduled to appear as they congratulate Ed for his many accomplishments.

Creekside Tuesday Schedule
9:00 am- Chapel 
  • Join us as  Dr. Jeff Steele gives a word of encouragement.

10:00 am-  Pauline Patterson Promotions Showcase 
  • Patterson Music Group will present a morning showcase featuring some of Patterson's clients including the Boynton Chorus, Phil Cross, The Singing Cooks, The Partons, Tony Dean Family and many more.

5:00 pm- Concert 
  • Please join us for a great evening a gospel music before the Diamond Awards Show. Artists to be featured are as follows:

Rose Gilley

Singing Byrds

Jim Sheldon 

The Gobers 

His Mercies
Tony Dean Family 

Rhonda Frye and Riverside

Pine Ridge Boys

Sharon Kay King

Porter Family 
Larry Ford

Declaration Trio

Logan Smith 

Skyline Boys 

8:30 pm- "The Diamond Awards"
  • We are excited to present Diamond Awards to artists that fans chose! We are excited for Doyle Lawson & Quick Silver, Gerald Crabb, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Phil Cross and more to participate in this year's Award's Show.  

Creekside Wednesday  Schedule

9:00 am- Chapel
  • Join Dr. Jeff Steel for a morning devotion.

2:00 pm- "Old Fashion Gospel Singing"
  • A special highlight of the convention will be having a large group of artists singing together familiar hymns and gospel songs. This will be a great afternoon with music, and a live band! 

4:00 pm- Doors Open

5:00 Gospel Music Concert 
  • The gospel music continues on Wednesday with many more great artists!  Schedule is as follows:

Steven Taylor

The Parton’s 

Dustin Jenkins 

Mark Alred 

Crossland Trio

Mike Sutherland 

Hearts of Faith 

Shannon Knight 

Sherry Anne 

Michael And Delilah

Tina Wakefield 

David Corner

Faith’s Journey 

 Praise Inc. 

Bev McCann

Brian Burchfield 

Pam Gundy 


Pauline Patterson 

Drew Z

Tree Wisecroff

Chris Weis

Larry Ford Finale

Creekside Quick Glance Schedule: 

9:00 Artist Set Up
4:00 Doors Open
5:00 Concert 
8:30 Lou Hildreth Honors Ed O'Neal

9:00 Chapel 
10:00 Patterson Showcase
4:00 Doors Open
5:00 Concert
8:30 Diamond Awards

9:00 Chapel
2:00 Gospel Music Choir/Sing-a-long
4:00 Doors Open
5:00 Concert

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